Museum Events

1940s Weekend 2021
Thank You

We have now come to the end of our latest Autumn 1940s Weekend and we would like to send out a Newark Air Museum THANK YOU to everyone who attended the event this weekend, and especially in the poor weather conditions on Saturday.

This extra special thank you goes out especially to the following people: all the of the re-enactors, promenaders, exhibitors, their friends / families and their wonderful displays / exhibits; Sara Jane, our 1940s style performer; the various stall holders; Newark Community First Aid; the museum staff, volunteer guides, the car parking team, event organisers and volunteers who helped during the build-up / break-down and during the event.

We already have some preliminary feedback about suggested dates for another event in 2022, which we will consider during teh next few weeks before hopefully finalising a date quite quickly.

Once again thank you all for your support this weekend.


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