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RAF Winthorpe book

We felt that it might be worthwhile sharing some of the feedback that has been received about the book.

Part of a review from Britain at War magazine, December 2014 edition:

“This is a lovely little book published to benefit the Newark Air Museum (situated on what was once RAF Winthorpe), packed with detail about this relatively little-know airfield….. The book gives us a detailed look at the role of the station and its resident squadrons….”

“I just wanted to offer my congrats to you for this book!!”

“Just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent book! Read it the same day and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“I have thumbed through it and am very impressed by the contents. I would not normally bother reading books about "past airfields", but Winthorpe does have a special relevance and I look forward to focussing on it very soon.”

“I am very impressed by the contents. I would not normally bother reading books about "past airfields", but Winthorpe does have a special relevance.”

“Colin you really have done a super job. Well done.”

Di Ablewhite, aviation researcher:

“Just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent book! I nipped to the shop last Saturday and bought a copy as I can't make the signing day sadly. Read it the same day and thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Was amazed at some of the coincidences, firstly we own a little bit of RAF Swinderby, part of the WW11 Bomb Dump with the remains of one of the fuzing sheds on it, so I was fascinated to learn of the connections between Winthorpe and Swinderby!

Secondly you mention two of our Staunton Memorial crew members in the From the ORB chapter 7, pages 52 and 53, Sgt's Coaker and Loverock were part of our crew killed from Syerston on the 18th Feb 43, so they didn't last long sadly after leaving Winthorpe, we already knew our crew had been at Winthorpe, as Thomas Warne mentions it in his Log Book, but we didn't know Coaker and Loverock had flown with others crews from there.

An excellent book, well done!!!”
“Colin, read the book, very informative and interesting, the content brings home the enormous gratitude we all owe to the brave young men and women who served in the war.”

“I feel the author has produced a great book that will be viewed as a fitting tribute to the airfield, its personnel and the local inhabitants of the Newark area. The book has a good set of appendices and bibliography, which detail all of the author’s sources – a comprehensive set of research tools in their own right!”

“The book is excellent. I thought it was so comprehensively researched ...  it is packed full of information and is very impressive in the scope of coverage. I particularly liked the use of individual stories which I thought brought it all to life and provided a real insight into the life of the airfield in use.”

Review in FlyPast Magazine:

“This is a comprehensive and well-illustrated examination of the former RAF airfield’s history ... focussing on its role in World War Two and the Cold War. Colin Savill’s excellently researched account features day-by-day diary style account of the airfields activities, and also highlights a number of personalities and individual stories, all backed up by rarely seen images from the archive.”

“The amount of research that went into compiling such a complete history is awesome – and all presented in an easy reading style. I found it of great interest.”

Jim Sands, RCAF veteran & book contributor:

“Colin the book has arrived and it is beautiful. Wow you really have done a super job.  Can I have a phone number that I can talk to you about ordering more books? You could let me know what is the best time to phone you? Again I say a super job. Well done.”
RAF Winthorpe – The Story of an Airfield 1939 - 1959 is the new book by Colin Savill BA (Hons), which has been published by the Newark Air Museum.

The book is in a softback format; 216 pages (paper weight: 130gsm); circa 120 black & white photographs and illustrations; and includes a Foreword by the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford KCB CBE ADC RAF.

ISBN 978-0-9500341-6-4

Copies of the book cost £15 each so come along to Cockpit-Fest to get a signed copy.

If you cannot make the event you can still order a copy by calling 01636 707170 or sending an email to us via this link

Postage & Packing (Jiffy Bag) at the following rates: First Class £3.00 per copy the book and Second Class £2.62 per copy the book. Costs for multiple copies on application.


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