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Cockpit-Fest 2021 Thank You

After a wait of more than tow years since our last Cockpit-Fest event we have now come to the end of the 2021 event, the twenty first one, which was  well attended by many different people and groups.

On behalf of the museum trustees we would like to send out very big thank you the following: all the Cockpiteers and Exhibitors their friends and families; the Aeroboot stall holders; the museum staff working away in the café & bacon buttie stall; admission kiosk; shop; all around the site /grounds; the dedicated team of museum guides and volunteers who helped during the build-up, during and after the event.

We would also like to send out a special get well soon message to our Shop / Café Manager who is recovering after surgery, we misse dyour guidance this last Bank Holiday Weekend.

Support for this year’s event came from the following people and organisations:

Ken Ellis (‘Wrecks & Relics – Spirit of Cockpit-Fest’ Awards)

The Museum Shop

Jane Knox-Kiepura & Kiepura Aviation

Once again there was a diverse range of cockpits and supporting displays on show and everyone who displayed at the event was a winner and a credit to this wonderfully diverse hobby. Below are this year’s official results:

Grand Champion (Visitors Award) – Lightning F.2A – XN728 (A1 Lightning), Darren Swinn

Visitors Award Non-Cockpit – Mainly Military Models display

Cockpiteers Cockpit Award – Lightning F.2A – XN728 (A1 Lightning), Darren Swinn

Cockpiteers Award Non-Cockpit – Ejection seats & Canberra Wind Tunnel Model, Blackburne Aircraft

Wrecks & Relics Spirit of Cockpit-Fest Award (Ken Ellis) – Buccaneer S.2 cockpit rig – as XN979, Marcus Cordran

Wrecks & Relics Spirit of Cockpit-Fest Award (Ken Ellis) – Civvy Street Display, Bill Fearn

Wrecks & Relics Spirit of Cockpit-Fest Award (Ken Ellis) – HS 125 – G-BOCB, Wales At War, Dean Smith

Newark Air Museum Spirit of Cockpit-Fest Award – Provost T.1 & Motor Glider cockpit,  Ritch & Max Blood

Cockpit-Fest will be back next year in June, dates to be confirmed

The Visitor Voting Prize Draw Winners will be notified later  and a gallery will be added in due course.

Cockpits & Cockpit Rigs

Hawker Siddeley 125 –  G-BOCB*

Westland Scout – XT640*

NA P-51D Mustang – Ser. No’s 44-11175 & 44-14134 

F-4 Phantom – XV490 

Percival Piston Provost T.1* 

Glider cockpit mock up*

de Havilland Dove – G-ANAP*

Harvard IIb – FX322 

Canberra Test Cockpit 

Lightning F6 – XR757 

Blackburn Buccaneer S2 – XX899 

Tempest MKV – SN280

Cessna 140 – G-BTYX

Beagle Airedale – G-ARXB

Beagle Pup 150 – H-BNAV 

Stolp Starduster Too – G-BNNA

Enstrom – HB-XMO

Slingsby Dart 15 – 404

Schleicher K86 – GGA522

Lightning F2A – XN728 (the ‘A1’ Lightning)*

Jet Provost T5 –  XW302/G-BYED

Dragon Rapide cockpit replica*

Harrier GR3 –  XV810 

Sea Vixen FAW.2 – XN651 

Aircraft Panel Displays 

Sopwith Camel Cockpit; BAE Typhoon Cockpit Rig & Hawker Typhoon Instrument panel display 

Spitfire instrument panels & Vampire & Strikemaster panels 

Buccaneer S2 cockpit rig (known as XN979)*

Bristol Brigand B1 replica cockpit rig 

HS Trident cockpit panels – FE Station G-AWZN, Primary flight panels & pedestal.  L1011 Pilots panel G-BEAL


1 * These cockpits are totally new to the event.
2 ** A cockpit rig is a term used to describe a cockpit either without its shell, or fitted with an alternative shell. These are used to good effect when original materials are not available.
3*** A cockpit that is resident at the museum


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