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Cockpit-Fest 2021
News Update 06B (24.08.21)

The three-day charitable event provides a focal point for cockpit owners from across the UK and this year it takes place on Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th & Monday 30th August, 2021 at our site in eastern Nottinghamshire.

As with previous Cockpit-Fest’s the museum is keen to hear from any company or organisation that might be willing to support Cockpit-Fest, which is an annual charitable event, is asked to contact Howard Heeley via Email by clicking THIS LINK!

Booking forms have been sent out to previous participants but the same email link above can be used by potential exhibitors to request participation forms for the event. Apologies if you have not received an invitation but please do make contact so that we can rectify the situation. The following details list those participants who have confirmed their attendance at the event.


Cockpits & Cockpit Rigs

Hawker Siddeley 125 –  G-BOCB*

Westland Scout – XT640*

NA P-51D Mustang – Ser. No’s 44-11175 & 44-14134 (Sunday departure)

F-4 Phantom – XV490 (Resides at museum)

Percival Piston Provost T.1* 

Glider cockpit mock up*

de Havilland Dove – G-ANAP*

Harvard IIb – FX322 (Sat only)

Canberra Test Cockpit (Resides at museum)

Lightning F6 – XR757 (Resides at museum)

Blackburn Buccaneer S2 – XX899 (Resides at museum)

Tempest MKV – SN280

Cessna 140 – G-BTYX

Beagle Airedale – G-ARXB

Beagle Pup 150 – H-BNAV 

Stolp Starduster Too – G-BNNA

Enstrom – HB-XMO

Slingsby Dart 15 – 404

Schleicher K86 – GGA522

Lightning F2A – XN728 (the ‘A1’ Lightning)*

Jet Provost T5 –  XW302/G-BYED

Dragon Rapide cockpit replica*

Harrier GR3 –  XV810 (departing Sunday)

Sea Vixen FAW.2 – XN651 (Sat only) 

1 * These cockpits are totally new to the event.

2 ** A cockpit rig is a term used to describe a cockpit either without its shell, or fitted with an alternative shell. These are used to good effect when original materials are not available.

Aircraft Panel Displays 

Sopwith Camel Cockpit; BAE Typhoon Cockpit Rig & Hawker Typhoon Instrument panel display (Sunday departure)

Spitfire instrument panels & Vampire & Strikemaster panels (Sat only)

Buccaneer S2 cockpit rig (known as XN979)*

Bristol Brigand B1 replica cockpit rig (Sat only)

HS Trident cockpit panels – FE Station G-AWZN, Primary flight panels & pedestal.  L1011 Pilots panel G-BEAL       

Guest Displays

Lancaster W4270 display

Mainly Military Models display

Stephen Dring 3D display/sales

Airfield Research Group display

Commemorative Air Force UK Wing display c/w vehicles

Newark Air Museum Model Display Display on Lightning T.5 – XS420

Callsign Alpha – Cold War British military vehicles and weapons etc

Museum ‘Tame' Rockape special

2008 Vauxhall Astra RAF Police Car

ASR & Marine Craft Club - Displays Marine craft models & storyboards

Military equipment display

RAF Balderton Memorial Group 

Control grips/Yokes/panel display

Post war Flying helmets and oxygen masks display

Ejection seats display

Grub Street Publications - Book sales

Display of posters memorabilia & instruments

IX Squadron Tornado tail fin, model & photos

RAF Waddington Amateur Radio Club 

Aircraft Viewing

Museum aircraft will not be open for public access, but there will be viewing opportunities; including for the Monospar on Saturday 28th August 2021 

Special Notice

It should be noted by visitors that as some of these exhibits travel many miles to be here for the weekend, it must be expected that some may leave the site at different times during the weekend. We have marked the individual listings with appropriate details if they intend to leave early

The above information is correct at the time of release. Owners of the exhibits listed have recently made the commitment to attend Cockpit-Fest with these exhibits. This information should not be regarded as a guarantee that the listed item will be in attendance.

21.07.21 - We will be holding an Aeroboot / Aerojumble Aviation & Avionics Sale on Cockpit-Fest Saturday (28th August); booking forms have been sent out to the sellers who were at the 3rd July sale.


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