Education Provision - Building for the Future 
In recent years the museum has developed a new series of quality teaching and learning packages for use with pupils. They have been produced with support from Museums, Libraries and Archives (MLA East Midlands) and funded by the DfES and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).
We are now able to offer a diverse range of activities for children studying at Key Stages 1 & 2, carefully developed using teacher placements and through consultation with local teachers as part of the Learn with Museums programme.
The main National Curriculum areas covered are: Science & History 
With additional emphasis on: English, D & T, Citizenship, PHSE, Thinking Skills 
Two main eras are covered World War 2 and the Cold War, with several Facilitator led activities which utilise handling materials and worksheets.

We have recently developed an education session for Citizenship and History at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 called ‘Survival’, which has the following at its heart:

Curriculum focus 1 - QCA KS1&2 Citizenship, Units 1-10 (Years 1-6)
Activity / Outcomes - By completing the activity tasks in groups, children are encouraged to listen and respond to others, negotiating and discussing the best way to solve the problems they face. In order to succeed, pupils need to work together, express their opinion and take others’ views into account.
Activities take place in mixed-ability groups of 6 and include a range of stimuli to cater for pupils’ learning styles / preferences.

Curriculum focus 2 - QCA KS1&2 History, Units 9 and 17 (Years 2,3 & 4)

Activity / Outcomes - What was life like for children during the Second World War? What are we remembering on Remembrance Day?

Embedded in each task, utilising the museum’s unique war memorial and WWII collections, pupils will handle objects from the Second World War to investigate the Blitz, evacuation, diet and the lives of children during the conflict. Facilitators will introduce students to stories of war heroes from the local area, providing opportunity for further learning in the classroom. NAM has a resource on the WWII exploits of the Broadberry family, from Winkburn, for the ‘Learn with Museums’ website. In addition to this site based activity the museum can offer a Facilitator out reach programme that also enables us to visit local schools. All these factors combine to make Newark Air Museum a memorable educational experience.

Further details can be found on the Education Information Pack, which can be requested by telephoning the museum 01636 707170.

Cubs & Scouts
We can also provide Guided Tours, support material and worksheets for the
following Cub & Scout Activities:
Cub Scout - Air Activities badge
Scout Activity badges -
Air Researcher
Air Spotter
Aviation Skills [Basic & Advanced]

We do our best to provide a great aviation experience for all age groups and have an orienteering activity around the museum site & exhibits. Whilst we have several activities for visiting Air Training Corp (ATC) Squadrons.

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