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Harrier Day – Sunday14th April 2019
Updated 12.04.19

Regular Cockpit-Fest participant Richard Scarborough, who owns and displays a range of aircraft cockpits, recently, suggested that the museum looks to arrange an anniversary event to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Harrier entering British military service back in April 1969.

A date has now been set for the event, which is Sunday, 14 April, 2019; the day after our Spring Indoor Aeroboot / Aerojumble sale.

The aim of Harrier Day is to attract visiting Harrier cockpits and Harrier related displays to the museum’s site here in north eastern Nottinghamshire, where they will join the museum’s Sea Harrier ZA176 and VTOL test-bed aircraft Meteor FR.9 VZ608 on display.

We anticipate that this event will include: Harrier and Sea Harrier veterans; visiting authors; model displays; aviation artists; and hopefully visiting displays of artefacts held by various individuals and collections around the UK.

A number of possible contacts have already been identified by Richard and the museum’s events organisers and these people are now being contacted to invite them along to the event. The visiting displays formally booked in so far include:

Mainly Military Model display– described “…as every Mk & model of Harrier built; plus Russian VSTOLs; HMS Illustrious & lots of Harriers in lots of Sqn markings!”
Newark Air Museum model display – AV-8B and associated aircraft models
Airfield Research Group display
Harrier related sales stall
Phil Jarvis – Harrier GR.7 Simulator ex RAF Wittering
Bikini Sate – Newark Air Museum re-enactors & a Beaver ATV
Richard Scarborough – Harrier GR.3 & display
Dave Wright – Harrier GR.3 cockpit XZ138
Andy Godfrey – Harrier & V-TOL artwork
Andy Ward – Large Model display
Nick Greenall; Harrier Special Interest Group – Display of about 50 detailed Harrier scale models depicting the different marks, operators, units and markings worn by Harriers in the UK and worldwide
Martyn Steele & Ian Hodgkiss – Harrier GR.3 instrument panel; selection of Harrier stick grips
Gary O'Keefe – Harrier miscellany
Stephen Dring – 3D display/sales
Hucknall Flight Test Museum – Flying Bedstead model, display and videos
Daniel Street Harrier Preservation Group – mini model & display
Mike Escriett – part of AV8B intake from US Marines VMA 211; Harrier Sales brochures & Retirement Photos
Dan Lander – Harrier T4N display – XW268 front & rear Instrument Panels with some sidewall mock-ups. – Photos & Diagrams of Restoration Work and items for display which may include skin panels, undercarriage doors, aircraft structure, engine nozzle, pylons     
Andrew Hopper – Ex-Sea Harrier pilot & his stories

Also our own Sea Harrier and related items including: Meteor FR.9, RB108, Pegasus, Hawker Siddeley P1216 model, JAST Wind Tunnel Test Model etc.

Reunion attendees from the following:

Harrier Types
GR.1; GR.3; GR.3A; GR.7; GR.7A; GR.9; T.10; T.12

Harrier Squadrons
1(F) Sqn;
3 Sqn; IV (AC) Sqn; 20(R) Sqn

RAF Bases
RAF Gutersloh; RAF Wildenrath; RAF Wittering

If you would like to join us at this celebration event please email us via this link


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