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In 2012 the museum was invited to join a new education programme, which is scheduled to run for three years under the guidance of Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire (AHL).

AHL is a partnership of key aviation sites in Lincolnshire and it was one of only ten regional recipients of a £3.6 million joint initiative launched nationally by the Arts Council England (ACE) and the Department of Education (DofE). AHL is working under the auspices of Lincolnshire County Council and they are liaising with the Royal Air Force Museum and The Mighty Creatives to provide educational visits at 11 individual aviation sites in the AHL partnership.

We are now one of those “11 individual aviation sites” and details about the aims of the programme can be found by visiting the AHL website via this link

The museum is now an active partner on the ACE / AHL Education Project with Dave Harrigan (AHL) and Sue Fitzsimmons (Head of Access & Learning RAFM Cosford).

Along with the other sites we have been allocated grant funding to purchase some support items for the project. Going forward the museum will receive additional grant support for a range of interactive materials aimed at the younger visitors. This represents a major recognition for what the museum has to offer and the museum trustees are really pleased to be an active participant in the project.

Most of our project grant will be used to enhance the existing facilitated museum education activities such as:

The History based World War II / Evacuation offer that focuses on a schoolboy who was evacuated from Sheffield in September 1939.

The Science based Principles of Flight activity that explores the forces and simple structure that enable planes to fly.

Also the broader topic of aircraft and helicopters as a method of transportation.

We offer both self-guided and facilitated visits to the museum and are proud of being able to customise our education offer to meet the individual requirements of participating schools. You can request a copy of the form via THIS EMAIL LINK

During busy periods we do get booked up quite early so don’t hesitate and send us your enquiry today!

If in you are in any doubt about what we can offer, why not telephone us on 01636 707170 to discuss your requirements in more detail?

Some up to date information about our specific participation in the AHL scheme can found by visiting our entry on the AHL website via this link - this includes some free to download resources that support our facilitated visit activities.


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