Southfield Development

Project Panini (Mod)

The urgent need to provide appropriate facilities to cope with the growing expectations of our visitors, has resulted in the museum trustees revising their plans for improved visitor facilities on the Southfield Site in eastern Nottinghamshire.

The provision of new toilet / café facilities – Project Panini (Mod) have now been given top priority and revised plans have been developed to implement these important infrastructure elements as quickly as possible.

Work on the new toilet waste treatment system has recently been completed and we are now moving on to the next phase of the project.

A separate project will then be developed to look at acquiring and installing a new modular café & toilet facility. It is planned that this cafe facility will be ordered in autumn 2017 and installed and operational by early-2018.

The new café facility will be sited in such a way that it will allow for the eventual addition of an Education Room as and when funding can be secured.

The museum trustees have recently taken the decision to re allocate the Project Panini funds to this new toilet / café project - Project Panini (Mod). Fund raising targets will be adjusted, when the project costings are fully evaluated. In view of the revised scope of the project it is expected that these cost will be significantly lower than the previous project costs. As ever, all grant funding opportunities will be evaluated and wherever possible will be used to support the museum’s ongoing fund raising activities and its planned capital investment.

Our own vigorous fund arising activities are being pursued under the name of Project Panini (Mod). The excellent work being undertaken by the museum’s Cockpit Opening Team is providing a great boost to funds on a regular basis and we would like to thank them for their efforts in opening as many aircraft as possible; and also to the visitors for participating as well.

It is now even more important than ever that the museum steps-up its fund raising activities to support this project. Online contributions can be made via a Just Giving page for the project by following this link.

The wider fund raising appeal still allows project supporters to make a donation towards a Photographic Panini, which will carry their name and brief message. These Photographic Paninis are being displayed in the current museum café; they will then being incorporated into a presentation folder that will be displayed in the new education / café building when it is completed.

Perhaps the simplest way people can support the project is just by visiting the museum and we encourage people to do this by using the Gift Aid admission scheme. This enables the museum to reclaim funds from HMRC, which can give a huge boost to the project.

Regular updates about the project will be posted here on the museum website in the coming weeks and months.


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