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Puma Assistance Request
Update 25.11.20

As you may have seen in the Museum Work Gallery there is some excellent work underway on the rebuild Puma XW208. The rebuild work has recently benefitted from a significant donation of spare parts and another cabin.

Following an assessment of these parts we are still proceeding with the steady acquisition of the missing items that need to be refitted to XW208. We have now prepared a new list of ‘missing parts’ and we’re keen to share this with any organisations or individuals who might be able to assist with locating these parts.

The list is quite extensive and these items do not need to be in airworthiness condition as the current plan is to just return XW208 to static condition. A copy of the full listing of the missing items can be downloaded in a PDF format by opening this weblink

Thanks in advance for any leads that we can pursue.


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