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RAF Balderton research assistance (updated 21.07.16)

The museum is seeking assistance in relation to the history of RAF Balderton, which opened in spring 1941. This is in connection to a new book that is being researched by museum trustee Colin Savill.

We already have a range of photographs in the Archive about Balderton’s World War II use and the personnel who were based there. We are now gathering together any additional information about the station and anecdotes / recollections from families of the people that served there. 

We are now (21.07.16) able to advise that we have made contact with the family of Ray Searle (author of 9J the story of a Squadron) and we look forward to receiving their feedback on the project.

Colin is still keen to have contact with anyone else who has any information or photos or memorabilia of the station.

Squadrons: 25 OTU; 408 (Goose) Squadron RCAF; 1668 HCU; 12 (P) AFU; 437th& 439th TCG of 9th USAF; 227 Sqn; MU disposal site

Aircraft: Hampden; Lancaster; Halifax; Horsa glider; Blenheim; DC-3; Waco glider

Nationalities: Canadian; American; British

Things of note: Major USAF location for Allied operations Overlord (D-Day) and Market (Arnhem); Whittle prototype jets dispersed to airfield in March 1943.

Current status: Majority of airfield lost when the A1 was turned into a dual carriage way in the late 1960s; few visible structures; much of the former site is now underneath the BPB Formula Bantycock Opencast Site.

Colin can be contacted by sending an email via this link

For those people who prefer to talk to someone they can call on 01636 707170 (answer-phone available for out of hours messages).

We hope that some fresh information will become available as a result of this appeal.

Photo Credit: Newark Air Museum Archive, from the Charles Young Collection


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