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Loan of a radio controlled Vulcan agreed

Several weeks ago the museum entered into discussions to take on loan a 1/5th scale radio controlled model of an Avro Vulcan. These discussions came to a positive outcome quite recently and the model was delivered to the museum on Thursday 14th September, just in time for the 60th Anniversary celebrations of Vulcan XM594 entering squadron service with the RAF.

This particular radio controlled Vulcan models was built by Dave Johnson, who is the Chairman of the Large Model Association.  In the past he has built several Vulcans but construction of this latest one was started in 2010 and it flew for the first time in 2013.  As a 1/5th scale model it has a wingspan of 20 feet and is powered by four Jetsmunt Gas Turbine engines.  Dave retired this particular Vulcan from flying in 2022. 

Arrangements for taking on this loan were made by museum trustee, Mike Webb, who is himself a radio-controlled model flyer. Mike made the following comments on the loan, “This particular Vulcan model always attracted a lot of interest when it flew at different locations around the country.”

He concluded, “We are really pleased that we will be able to display it to our visitors and I am looking forward to helping to look after its upkeep whilst it is here with at Newark.”

Photo courtesy of P McEntee


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