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Museum Coronavirus Update
Restoration Plans


Update Despite not knowing when the lockdown will end, discussions are already taking place to plan for what restoration work will take place later this year here at our Gateway Aviation Site.

Whilst we do not know how many volunteers will be allowed to work under any return to work guidance issued by the government, we anticipate that our diverse range of volunteers will be keen to get involved. We anticipate that there will still be a requirement for social distancing advice to be adhered to so we are aiming to have a range of projects available to provide for good separation of our volunteer workforce around our 16 acre site.

An initial requirement is for a sustained cleaning programme to return many exhibits back to display condition. This will be followed by a programme of work on the following aircraft/projects:

Completion of the F-100 repaint

Lightning spine to repaint

Markings application to the Heron

Meteor NF.14 & T.7 repaints to complete

Dove repaint to complete

Ashton top fuselage repaint to complete

Continuation of the in-depth work on the Puma and Chinook helicopters

Continuation of work on the Monospar and Mooney projects

Work on the Vulcan underside will resume, with the completion of any repairs; plus, the continuation of the underside painting. If this work continues well, we can start on the rear ECM pod and the base of the tail fin. Given the likely re-start of this work we do not anticipate that we will be installing any scaffolding to start the repainting work of the upper surfaces this year.

Fresh repainting projects that may start include the T-33, Canberra T.19 and Hunter T.7

Another significant project that will need to be factored in is the complex set of aircraft movements around the Southfield Site and in Hangar 2, associated with the impending arrival of Eurofighter Typhoon DA.4. At present we are awaiting further updates on the likely timeframe for its move from Duxford.

We hope that this update provides both our working members and potential visitors with a good overview of the exciting times that lay ahead, once we start to emerge from lockdown. As ever there is one final caveat; this work may be subject to change in response to any government directives that may be included in any lessening of the terms of the lockdown and our being able to open to the public again.

Also as a volunteer managed registered charity we rely on public admission fees, shop sales etc. to fund our operation and we will be ever reliant on the generosity of our visitors, volunteers and staff in these unprecedented and challenging times.

We will rely heavily on continued support both now and in the future

The main funding route that you can use to help us with is via our: JUST GIVING PAGE    

Stay safe and healthy everyone, we look forward to welcoming back to the museum in the not too distant future!


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