Museum Events

Aeroboot / Aerojumble
Sat 13th April 2024
Update 01 - 28.02.24

Update 01 - 28.02.24 - over half of the available spaces have now been allocated to sellers from across the UK.

The date for the next Newark Aeroboot / Aerojumble Sale is on Saturday 13th April, 2024; which runs alongside a quarterly meeting of Aviation Heritage UK (formerly BAPC), which is being hosted by the museum.

Spaces were offered to those sellers on our extensive mailing list, and we are now offering spaces to other sellers - please note that you must pre-book to secure a space. The remaining spaces will be allocated on a first come first booking basis and we anticipate that we will have to introduce a Reserve List for people wanting spaces.

The event will be hosted on the south western end of our Southfield Site. Admission cost for buyers will be at the normal museum admission ratesCar parking for the sale will be close by, on the northern section of grass. If anyone is interested in taking a space can request a Booking Form by sending an EMAIL via this link

The pass system will be retained for this event and this will include stallholders and their helpers; this is aimed at helping to control how people enter and leave the site during the event. If you request a Helper Pass, please make sure that you give it to your helper to allow them to enter the event; please do not keep it yourself.

Please remember that for this spring event all spaces are outside; you will need to provide your own tables and chairs; and pre-booking is essential as there will be no spaces for people just turning up on the day!

The marked spaces will be 7m x 7m square and in each space you will need to park your vehicle (trailer) & set up your selling space; if you require more than one space you will need to book this in advance as no extra space can be allocated on the day; and we do have a limited number of spaces available.

The sale opening times will be 09.00 to 16.00 hours on Saturday; these times will be strictly enforced, however based on previous experience some Aeroboot / Aerojumble sellers may be packing up by 14.00 hours so please aim to get there early.


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