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Tribute to the V-Force 2018 – Log Book idea

During previous Tribute to the V-Force events the museum has actively sought and compiled Log Book entries relating to its own aircraft, notably: Vulcan XM594; Varsity WF369, Hastings TG517 and Dominie XS726. Once again we plan to do the same at the event on Saturday 19th May 2018.

Following the initial set of responses to the Reunion email the following suggestion came in from one of the respondents:

“Why not ask all participants to foto copy their log books, and then a more unified history can be established for all time.” 
While managing such an archive of material would be quite an undertaking, we felt that it would be worthwhile floating the idea to see what people thought. If there is sufficient interest we could then try to put together a team at the museum to work on the project.

So what do people think of the idea? Thoughts and comments appreciated.

One initial idea that has already been mooted is that the museum might offer a discounted admission fee to the Reunion event next May to anyone who brings along photo copies, photographs or scans of their V-Force related Log Book entries! Again your thoughts and comments are appreciated. 


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