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Pointless Vandalism in the Museum Toilets

We would like to apologise to any visitors who have encountered any issues when using the museum toilets during any recent visits.

What started as simple removal/theft of the hand pumping devices from the hand wash soap dispensers on Sunday 31st July, 2022; turned more malicious on the morning of Sunday 7th August, 2022.

During the late morning multiple hand pumps were stolen from the dispensers in the gents and ladies toilets in the museum café. Significant amounts of soap was then thrown and smeared around the toilets, affecting the walls, floor, door handles in both facilities!

If anyone sees such activities taking place when they visit the museum we would ask them to report it immediately to a member of staff.

For the incident on August 7th we have identified a relatively narrow timeframe for when this took place and we are working to identify the likely culprits.

We now believe that this might be related to a TikTok ‘challenge’. We would ask that if anyone sees any footage that might have been filmed at the museum to please pass on the details to us, so that we can try to identify the culprits and to try and stop it happening again in the future.

As people may appreciate, any soap smeared on the floor represents a significant slip hazard and for the time being we urge visitors to be extra careful in case that similar things happen again in the future!

In the future, anyone caught doing such mindless acts of vandalism will be told to leave the museum site with immediate effect, and potentially they will be reported to the police!


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