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Vulcan Delivery Diary 08
Steady progress – 23 January 1983
By Howard Heeley

Nearly forty years ago on 7 February 1983, Vulcan XM594 landed at Winthorpe Airfield in eastern Nottinghamshire. When it safely touched down it became the only Vulcan to be flown into a non-licensed airfield in the UK. This is the third part of an abridged version of an article, which describes the acquisition process, that was originally published in an edition of Aviation News that year.

We were getting there ……

Sunday 23 January 1983

Squadron Leader Neil McDougall, the pilot who was listed for delivering the Vulcan, visited the museum; he had come to inspect the work we had been doing on the runway and roadway to the dispersal.

Much to everyone's relief he was completely satisfied with all of the work and arrangements that had been undertaken. Now all that remained was the right weather conditions.


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