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Update Canberra PR.7 WH791
Issued on 22.05.23

We now are able to issue an update about the situation surrounding Canberra PR.7 WH791, which has been on long-term loan at the museum since 1998.

Confirmed in a letter dated 15th May, 2023, we have been advised that the original owner of WH791 has gifted the airframe to Newark Air Museum. The museum trustees have accepted this gift and the associated liabilities.

The museum trustees and engineering staff are still firmly of the view that we do not have the facilities and/or the skill-sets needed to undertake the work that is required to save the airframe. This relates to a host of structural items identified in the Airframe Survey of WH791 that was prepared in 2021.

Given the strength of feeling in some of the online comments that have already been made, the museum has reached the following decision.: The museum is willing to receive serious expressions of interest from external groups and/or individuals who feel they have the resources to safely dismantle and move the airframe from its site here in Nottinghamshire.

In the first instance, interested parties should send the museum an email via this link to request a copy of the Airframe Survey for WH791.  With appropriate consultation the museum will also facilitate viewing opportunities of the airframe in situ. The museum respectfully requests that any interested parties provide evidence of previous experience in dealing with similar airframe dismantling/removal projects; plus, an indication of the timeframe needed to undertake any work that is required to complete the move off the Newark Air Museum site.

Before any work is undertaken the museum will also need to approve an appropriate Risk Assessment and Method Statement for a proposed project.  

This offer process will remain open until 5.00pm on 30th June, 2023. Shortly after that time the museum will advise interested parties of their decision on the fate of the airframe. As a parallel activity the museum will be investigating other disposal options for WH791.

The museum also respectfully requests that interested parties remain in dialogue with the museum and that they  refrain from online speculation about WH791.

The background information about how we have come to this point in time with regards to WH791 will remain live on our website and can be accessed via this Weblink.


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