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Revised open cockpit situation
(Update 12.04.22)

UPDATE 12.04.22 – with Covid Regulations starting to ease we are slowly revising our Covid Secure Policies, and when volunteers are available we will now aim to have the Varsity & Vulcan aircraft back on open cockpit duty. Please remember that if these aircraft are open, there is a small additional charge of £1 per adult and 50p per child. Please call 01636 707170 in advance to check availability. At the present time we are struggling to get volunteers to open these exhibits during the week, but we are having more success at the weekend

However for the time being, the Shackleton and Hastings will remain closed. 

We are still  able to offer a limited number of our smaller aircraft cockpits for public viewing with the appropriate safety measures.  We ask you to consider hand sanitisation, wearing a face covering and maintaining social distancing where possible when viewing cockpits to enhance your protection and that of our volunteers.

The museum relies on its volunteers to open aircraft cockpits and is unable to guarantee that cockpits will be open every day. The cockpits tend to be open more frequently during special event days, details of which are always posted on the news page of the museum website, or via our Twitter feed; BUT WE CANNOT GURANTEE THIS!

To avoid disappointment before travelling to the museum we suggest that you please call 01636 707170 to check what aircraft are likely to be open. Please remember that sometimes during the day that volunteers may need to temporarily close a cockpit to get something to eat or go to the toilet. Also during extreme weather conditions i.e., it is either is very hot, or it is very wet it may be decided to close the aircraft on safety grounds.

Please remember that we would be grateful for a small donation in return for access the aircraft.  The monies raised from these aircraft admissions will be going towards the aircraft restoration and repainting work that we undertake, plus museum development. It's also worth remembering that cockpit openers are only able to accept cash donations, so we suggest that you try to make sure that you come prepared, for this 'old-fashioned' payment method!!

The Museum Trustees would also like to ensure that - Parents & Carers are reminded that they are responsible for the safety of children and young people in their care whilst on the museum site.

It is hoped these arrangements will simplify questions of whether an individual is allowed to access the aircraft and it follows similar guidelines adopted at other venues around the UK.

Please look out for further updates as the COVID situation changes.


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