Engine Collection

A significant part of our collection includes more than 40 aircraft engines, power units and a rocket motor dating from the 1920s through to modern jet engines. These include examples of the mighty Olympus engine that that powered the Vulcan and Concorde.

The engines are on display in the dedicated Engine Building, which is located next to the Vulcan and also amongst the airframes in both display hangars at the museum. The engines are listed below.

Engine Building

Rolls-Royce Tyne
Bristol Mercury (parts)
De Havilland Gypsy 6
Gas Turbine Development Flow Rig – Ruston Gas Turbines
Rolls-Royce Dart 101 (sectioned)
Bristol Siddeley Viper 11
Napier Gazelle 503
Bristol Olympus 101 & 10a
Bristol Olympus 593
Rolls-Royce Dart 102
Rolls-Royce Avon 525
Rolls-Royce Nene
De Havilland Goblin Mk35
Coffman Single Cartridge Engine Starter
Lycoming TVO-435-A1A
C.K.D. Praga ‘E’
Daimler Benz 601
BMW 132T (parts)
Junkers Jumo 211J (parts)
Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah Mk11
Alvis Leonides 521
Bristol Hercules VI (sectioned)
Bristol Hercules 100
Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp
Bristol Centaurus 661
De Havilland Gypsy Queen 175
Rover Airborne Auxiliary (Gas Turbine)

Hangar 1

Blackburne Tomtit
Blackburn Bombardier
Blackburn/Turbomeca Palouste 104
Argus as014 for V1 Rocket
Napier NRE11
Rolls-Royce Thor Ramjet
Bristol Siddeley/Rolls Royce Stentor
Rolls-Royce Derwent Mk9
Alvis Leonides 126
Rolls-Royce Vulture (parts)
SU Carburettor from Rolls-Royce Merlin
Spey Thrust Reverser (sectioned)
Turbomeca Turmo
Gnome Omega (50hp) Rotary
Rolls-Royce Merlin
Avco Lycoming T-55 (sectioned)

Hangar 2

Rolls-Royce Pegasus 11 Mk106
Klockner-Humboldt- Deutz AG APU-T312
Rolls-Royce Avon 210
Bristol Siddeley Viper 8 Mk102
Turbomeca Astazou XIVG
Rolls-Royce RB108
De Havilland Gyron Junior

Rolls-Royce Conway engine RC 042-540

Gosling Rocket Booster

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