Make a Donation

The museum is part of the Just Giving online donation scheme, which has enabled us to make available a secure online donation scheme for our volunteers and supporters.

You can even make a donation right now by following this JUST GIVING weblink.

Rather than introduce a secure online donation system onto its own website the museum trustees have decided to use the expert skills of the Just Giving website. This is a proven fund raising vehicle that gives the museum the flexibility to add new fund raising schemes to the site with relative ease. Plus Just Giving handles the Gift Aid claims on behalf of the museum, which simplifies the administration of any donation made.

In the future we see that this will enable us to raise funds for specific aircraft acquisitions or developments projects at the museum; or indeed for museum supporters to make donations to a specific project.

Supporters can also add their own specific fund raising schemes to the site to generate funds for the museum; this is relatively simple to do and they can then post appropriate links to their friends and colleagues to seek their support. This can include memorial pages for someone who has passed away and who has requested that donations in their memory be bequeathed to the museum.

The museum trustees appreciate that these are challenging financial times and that there are many similar donations schemes out there; but we hope that you will consider making a donation to the museum.

Regular updates will appear here in the coming weeks and months; but don’t forget you could get that process started by following this weblink now!

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