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Cockpit-Fest 22 Thank You

We have now come to the end of another great event at the museum that was attended by a range of different people and families.  On behalf of the museum trustees we would like to send out very big thank you the following: all of the visitors, cockpit owner and exhibitors (many who travelled significant distances to be with us), their friends and families; the museum staff, aircraft openers and volunteers who helped during the build-up, during and after the event.

We encountered a few issues during the weekend but thank you to everyone who helped us get through. We do appreciate it! Prizes will be sent on in due course. There has been some good publicity associated with the event and we hope that has helped to raise the profile of cockpit ownership!

The Competition Results were as follows:

Grand Champion – Robin Phipps Buccaneer S2, XX899

Cockpiteers cockpit – Trevor Garrod & Scott Bouchard Interactive Lightning radio demo with Lightning XR757

Visitors non-cockpit – Mainly Military Modelling (Mark Marples)

Cockpiteers non-cockpit – Joe &Lyndon Blackburne, and Nigel Coward Instrument panels stick tops, throttles etc.

Ken Ellis Spirit of Cockpit-Fest Awards

James Stables (SYAM) – Glider cockpits 

Graham Buckle – Avro Lincoln main panel c/w windscreen & Meteor WS788 panel

Ian Hodgkiss – Harrier cockpit rig

Steve Austin – Buccaneer S1, XK533

Matt Gilbey – Westland Sea King HAS6, ZG875

We are now trying to gather some photos to produce a Gallery for the event!


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