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Falklands 40th & Cold War Call Up 2022

Building on our previous V-Force Reunion events, we have now agreed that Saturday 30thApril, and Sunday 1stMay, 2022 will be the dates for a combined event; to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Falklands War (Black Buck 1), all things Cold War and will include a V-Force meet and greet for those veterans wishing to attend.

We are inviting displays of anything Falklands related or Cold War period material which given the almost 50-year time frame leaves plenty of scope for any exhibitor. It is expected that displays will be located either within our exhibition halls or outdoors.

Participation invites have now been sent out to our regular attendees but new participants can request details by sending an EMAIL via this LINK

Some sales pitches will also be available, although these will come subject to a ground charge. Again to register you interest please use the weblink above. Pre-booking will be required if you wish to attend.

As bookings arrive we will provide a full listing on another webpage. This event is being loosely co-ordinated with other Falkland 40th events in the local area, with the aim of encouraging veteran participants to visit the area and attend in as many events as possible.


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