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Hunter T7 Instrument Panel Assistance

We are trying to assist the owner of Hunter T.7 XX467 locate a centre console panel for the cockpit and to populate it with instrumentation. The accompanying photograph of the console is as it appears in the AP and below is a key to the items detailed in that photograph.

129. Artificial horizon & oil pressure gauge inverter indicator
130. Mk. 4FY compass & misc. instruments inverter indicator
131. Engine anti-icing indicator 
132. Engine anti-icing control switch
133. E 2B compass lamp dimmer switch
134. E 2B compass lamp normal/emergency switch
135. Harness lean-forward release
136. Manual separation lever
137. Canopy jettison control
138. Anti-G system test pushbutton
139. Anti-G system on/off cock
140. Ejection Seat safety pin stowage
141. No. 1 group inverters normal/standby switch
142. Airbrake test switch
143. Starter circuit breaker
144. No. 2 group inverters normal/standby switch
145. Emergency oxygen control
146. Intercomm. muting switch
147. Pedestal lamps on/off switch

If anyone is able to offer any assistance in acquiring these items please send us an email via this LINK


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