Southfield Development

Input Sought For A
New Small Objects Exhibition Hall

As some of you may be aware in recent months the museum has purchased a number of lined storage containers, which are now being used for improved object storage as we start rationalise some of the non-accessed items in the collection.

As part of this process we have started to evaluate some of the current displays in our Exhibition Hall, where we display a lot of our smaller objects. This process has highlighted that we need to provide a better form of display for these objects and it is now felt that the best way to do this is to look at building a new Exhibition Hall somewhere on the Southfield Site.

Any new Exhibition Hall will allow us to display some hitherto unseen Training related items in our archive, but also we would like some additional input about what else might be relevant. So whilst the trustees evaluate where the best location for this new building might be we would like to get feedback from museum members and visitors, about what you would like to see more of exhibited in this new building at the museum.

We may eventually embarked on a more formal consultation process, but in the meantime we would like to hear from you; so if you have any thoughts or suggestions please send them through to us. 

Please open this link and use the email form to share your views!

We will aim to respond to each email within 24 hours. Whilst we cannot guarantee that we will be able to include every idea that’s sent through we will make sure that they are considered as we move through this exciting new development at the museum.


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