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Autumn Night Shoot Thank You

On behalf of the museum trustees we would like to send out very big thank you to all the photographers who participated in the Day / Night Photo Shoot yesterday and we hope that you all had an enjoyable day, where we were able to raise important funds for the museum.

We would also like to send a special thank you to Mick Coombes and his team who put together some great photo opportunities around the various museum aircraft. This includes the following groups of people:

- the museum staff and volunteers who stayed on after hours and who provided some much appreciated warm food;

- the various volunteer re-enactors who added some variations to the various scenarios during the evening;

- to those dedicated museum members who stayed late on Saturday night and early Sunday morning to tidy up the site and make it safe for regular visitors;

-  again everyone who attended the event to take their photos; please tag us in when you post any picture;

- and finally to the locksmith who arrived in the heavy rain to access the car for the young re-enactors

We also hope that everyone had a safe journey home and fingers crossed that we can do it again sometime next spring. 

The various bits of event feedback will be discussed by the trustees, we will advise everyone of our detailed thoughts in the coming weeks and months!

If anyone would like to be added to our mailing list for future Night Shoot events please send us your details by using this Email Link


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