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RS Desford Update 01 (17.12.20)

During the Leicestershire County Council Cabinet Meeting on Tuesday 15th December the following decision was reached with regards to the proposed transfer of the RS Desford to the museum.

The following text has been taken from the Minutes of that Meeting on Tuesday.


In light of the interest shown in the transfer of the Reid and Sigrist aircraft to the Newark Air Museum, the transfer be paused;

That having been informed that the aircraft has now completed sufficient flying hours so that an application can be made for a certificate of airworthiness, the aircraft for now be left with Windmill Aviation but they be advised that

I.  the application for a certificate is a matter for the County Council as the owner of the aircraft, and

II. no further flying of the aircraft be undertaken without insurance conditions being agreed with the County Council;

That arrangements be made for officers to meet with Desford Parish Council and other interested parties to explain the County Council’s position, in particular that any transfer will be in line with the County Council’s Collections Development Policy; its main objective is that the aircraft is maintained and made available for public access by an accredited museum with specialist expertise in aircraft; there is no such facility within Leicestershire; the benefits of displaying the aircraft as a static object should be recognised; and the County Council is not and would not be in a position as the owner of the aircraft to accept the liabilities arising from the aircraft being flown for public display;

That delegated authority be given to the Director of Adults and Communities, in consultation with the Leader of the Council, to take a decision on disposal.


There has been an amount of interest in the transfer of the aircraft and it is understandable that having restored the aircraft to an air worthy condition, aeroplane enthusiasts would wish to see the aeroplane fly, and to continue to have it maintained such that it can be flown in public display.

However, the County Council museum service is not in a position to maintain a flying aircraft nor can it take on the costs and liabilities of doing so.

It is therefore appropriate that a further period of reflection is undertaken to engage with interested parties and to consider the best course of action for the aircraft given it has now completed its trial flights."


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